Thursday, May 6, 2010

Standard Gravity


Welcome to Standard Gravity Blog!
Notes on gravity in daily life.

Originally, I was unsure about the concept for my Rolfing website for Standard Gravity.  I was sure that I wanted it to be about gravity, but at the same time I was reluctant to create anything along the lines of the plethora of bodywork and healing websites that are out there.  I wanted something I could throw together quickly, something different, with no Sanskrit, no New-Age jargon, no rainbow colors.  And the result is here.  

Today I received some positive feedback about my website.  A colleague said, "I like your website."  "You do?"  I replied, belying my worries that it was maybe too avant garde, maybe alienating to the average Bay Area visitor.  "Yeah, it's nice," he continued.  "With those Victorian etchings, it seems to combine the art and science of what Rolfing is, and because they were originally hand-drawn pictures, it seems more real than a lot of the graphic web design that is out there today."
Ah, okay.  Cool, thanks.

Indeed, I found it interesting what he said about the "art and science" of Rolfing.   I come from a family of physicists and after all, I did learn from my father that elegance is an inherent quality of good science.  And if I think about it, when I am body-reading in a Rolfing session, my eye is detecting where there is lack of that particular aesthetic in movement and form.  In those areas where the aesthetic is not flowing, I know there is an imbalance in the body.

I've started this blog to document my observations of gravity in daily life.  It's an exploration for me as well, and I'll surely be surprised at where I draw connections.  Whether we know it or not, we are constantly coming to terms with living in gravity (does your body feel like it's fighting the downward pull some days?).  Or our minds are grappling with the complexities of life in the symbols of the gravitational field, such as feeling ungrounded, spacey, fallen, uplifted, heavy, or stuck.  It is so ubiquitous that our spirits and dreams communicate with us in a language which is common to all creatures on Earth:  Gravity.