Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Head Massage for World Peace

Head Massage for World Peace

"If everyone felt this good, we'd have World Peace."  

I've heard this from enough clients after the head and neck work, and, in my office in the Financial district, I've heard enough requests for head work to balance out daily stress that I've decided to make a limited offer for head sessions.

  • Widen perspective - Enables wiser decision-making
  • Increase head-space - More space to perceive the silver lining
  • Release the back of the head (occiput) - Easier access to peace of mind
  • Relax your vision, including third eye - For greater sensitivity to subtle information to see things as they truly are

Give the gift of head space to yourself or to the next stressed person you know and love.  Or buy them in groups for your office or circle of friends.

30 minutes for $50
5 sessions for $225
10 sessions for $400