Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Artists! Get Rolfing! Here!

This is the definition of sympathy. Aside from my Rolfing practice, I'm also a cellist and writer. To be honest, I'm a teeny bit more passionate about creative endeavors than I am about fixing bodies. Inevitably, I combine the two.

Artists, musicians, dancers, singers, and actors really need Rolfing. I know this very well myself. The reasons are obvious: Rolfing improves how the body moves. Tension is reduced drastically. The body is free to express, not tied up fighting excess tension. Yet, sadly, exactly these creative people rarely earn enough to afford Rolfing.

I've heard this from too many artists: "I saved up all year for a Rolfing session!" 

It pains me. Rolfing is a series of sessions. But these creative people, they can only come once. Or three times. And then the following year when they return, they have to start from the beginning again. So, in essence, the people who can't afford a Rolfing 10-session series eventually pay more for the complete series, if they ever get through one. 

It's ridiculous. But I refuse to contribute to the axiom, "It's expensive to be poor."

That's why I bend over backwards to offer performing artists – and also teachers, non-profit employees, and caretakers – all sorts of reduced rates and payment plans. I want artists to get through a Rolfing series in the same time that a banker, lawyer, or engineer does.

I need your help, though. Rolfing is expensive because we Rolfers take much more time per client and have limited hours in a week. In addition, the Rolfing process is finite, not open-ended; after a Rolfing series, the body can self-heal for a long time. The more full-paying clients I have, the better I can afford to offer serve the creative community. So I greatly appreciate it if you can spread the word and refer my practice to your friends and family! Thank you for helping the cycle flow.

Audrey Mei, Certified Advanced Rolfer 

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